We are highly skilled at securing better tenants

We take a great deal of care to make sure the people who live in your investment are going to look after it as well. After all, good tenants mean less problems for us to have to manage down the track.

There are two types of tenants in our world. Those who have a good track record and can be relied upon to meet their commitments and, unfortunately, a second category of bad tenants who will have a bad track record. Bad tenants will prefer to apply for properties which are managed directly by a landlord rather than an experienced property manager. Those landlords will often try to save a few dollars by advertising on websites like Gumtree, not realising they are likely to attract the wrong sort of tenants. Our long experience has proven the value of conducting quality marketing campaigns with well worded advertisements and high quality photography. We run our ads on the top websites for attracting quality tenants; www.realestate.com.au ,www.domain.com.au
Because of our long experience around debt management, we’re careful to screen new tenants carefully, including their tenant history. In fact we will check their history on two separate and independent databases. Our application forms are five pages long. Yes, genuinely good tenants won’t mind providing all this information, they don’t have anything to hide. We designed and wrote our application forms ourselves rather than using the stock standard forms used by most property managers. Our forms are more thorough and are based on the anticipation that we might need more information should something go wrong down the track.
We allow for open inspections which suit the schedules of the tenants we aim to attract; busy professionals with hectic work commitments. Apart from screening candidates very thoroughly, we also make sure the prospective tenants have as much time as they need to make a sound decision. We really would rather they didn’t move out six months after renting the property because they made a rushed decision.