Let’s get something straight from the start. We DO NOT sell property.

We MANAGE property and we are specialists in the field. Most property management businesses are owned and operated by a sales agent. They have no idea how to manager property and often don’t care, leaving property management staff to fend for themselves.

Results are poor, systems are poor and the experience for the investor is poor.

Our focus is solely property management. Our owner and Managing Director, Tim Ellis, love property management and personally makes sure that systems are good, results are excellent and staff training regularly takes place.

The end result is great outcomes for our clients.

But, when you do need to sell, we are right here for you. We have completed extensive research and interviewed dozens of sales agents over the years in an effort to find the best. So when you come to us and ask for a referral, we can confidently refer you to a great sales agent that we know and trust.

We work with them the whole way and with the tenant to ensure a super smooth process.

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