We care for your property as if it were our own

Every bad tenant starts out being a good tenant. So even though we work hard to ensure the tenants we select are going to look after your property, we have a well-developed process to make absolutely sure they really do look after your property.

Our process has been developed through long experience in managing our own investment properties because we know how much property management can affect investment returns.

Thorough ingoing and outgoing inspection reports

We’ve seen some of the inspection reports our competition produce, and that has made us all the prouder of the comprehensive reports we provide to our clients.

Our ingoing and outgoing reports are usually over 70 pages long (depending on the size of the property) and thoroughly document every aspect of the property with written notes and several hundred photographs. That way we avoid any disputes about any property damage that may have occurred with irrefutable evidence.

Regular inspection reports

Rather than the usual one-page list which most property managers provide, our routine inspection reports are often several pages long and contain many inspection points with several photos included. They are very, very thorough.

Managing property damage

Should our reporting show up any damage that needs to be addressed by the tenant, we’ll follow up with a subsequent inspection. If any damage isn’t rectified in a timely manner we will take any necessary steps to ensure the eviction of the tenant.

We can offer our property investors specialised landlord insurance at a highly competitive price through our insurance partner. We will arrange to have any damage covered by the insurance to be fixed without any intervention required by our client.