We’ll do a better job at selling your property

We’re better at selling investment properties because we understand property investors

Unlike most real estage agents, we are completely independent and do not have an affiliation with a franchise.  This means we can offer our clients a number of distinct benefits:

No vested advertising interests.

Many real estate agencies are required to advertise their clients’ properties in the weekend newspapers. We know this is more about advertising the real estate franchise than their clients’ houses.

These days most people prefer to search online, so why pay for the expense of unnecessary press advertisements?

We can choose the best auctioneer.

A good auctioneer can make all the difference in squeezing out the maximum value from your property. So rather than using the auctioneer which happens to be employed by the franchise, we choose the very best in Adelaide.

We have the competitive edge.

Our Managing Director, Tim Ellis, has worked as a buyer’s agent for several years. He understands what motivates buyers and so will have a head start over our competitors.

We’re good at marketing.

The same expertise we apply to finding great tenants is applied to finding great buyers. We really do know how to market a property well.

Our open inspections include a sale person AND someone who understands property management.

That has to be an advantage over run-of-the-mill real estate sales people. We know what investors are looking for and we know how to speak their language