Our superior services ensures peace of mind

We’re property owners ourselves, so we know how important it is to remove the burden of care which can make property an anxious investment for some.

We are committed to a superior level of service. This shows in the small things which are so important, like always responding to emails and always phoning back promptly if ever you can’t reach us on the phone.

Most of all, we pride ourselves on being accessible. We’re only ever a phone call away and we like to take the time to discuss any concerns our clients may have.

You’ll find us to be very proactive in using the phone. We don’t just send you a report by email or in the post after a routine inspection, we’ll phone you personally to let you know how things are going. If ever there is a problem with the rent being paid or anything else which could be cause for concern, you’ll hear about it directly from us in a personal call.

Our management systems are simply better

We’d like to show off some of the ways we can organise the management of your investment. A meeting with us packed with insights on the many details we take care of in managing your investment property.

We’ll also give you a customised property management folder. We’ve designed this so you can keep all your bank statements, invoices, utility statements and tax-related documents in the one place.

We are particularly proud of our ingoing and outgoing inspection reports. They are many pages long and include several hundred photos showing every aspect of your property.

Our routine inspection reports are also usually several pages long with notes and photos detailing how well your property is being looked after.

We have a checklist for every conceivable aspect of managing your property. Our staff are highly trained, nothing is left to chance.

Codes of practice

We are members of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia. We subscribe to their professional ethics and code of practice at all times.

Landlord insurance that costs less

We’d also like to introduce you to one of our professional partners who can offer quality landlord insurance at very reasonable rates. That way you really can ensure peace of mind because if any damage should occur with your property, whether or not it’s caused by the tenants, we’ll take care of fixing the damage without you even needing to become involved.