We’d like to introduce you to other smart investors

Property management GlenelgYou may be a highly experienced property investor or you may be new to this way of building your wealth, either way we’re sure you’d like to meet other like-minded investors.

Quarterly meetings

All our clients will receive a free invitation to attend our property investment meetings which are held in Adelaide every three months. You’ll learn valuable insights into how to accelerate your wealth building strategies and find answers to niggling small issues which may worry you.

Advice when buying new properties

Because we take the pain out of property investments, inevitably most of our clients end up owning multiple investment properties.

We’re at the ready to lend our expertise in identifying good buying prospects. We’ll help you with advice on where to buy and what sort of properties to look for. We’ll prepare rental appraisals and even show you what needs to be done to maximise income once you’ve made the purchase.

Our formula for success is simple, we work hard to make our clients successful investors.