Our thorough approach ensures low vacancy rates

Keeping vacancies to a minimum is all about being better organised and conducting a superior level of marketing to attract better tenants. Here’s how we keep vacancies between tenants to an absolute minimum:

We insist on longer notice periods

Unlike many property managers who allow an initial fixed term lease to lapse into a periodic tenancy, we insist on renewing every fixed term lease with another fixed term agreement. This means the tenant is required to provide more notice before vacating the property. Having a longer notice period allows us the time it usually takes to secure a new tenant. If maintenance or upgrades are required to the property before the new tenant moves in, our network of highly efficient tradespeople will ensure any work is completed as quickly as possible.

We attract better tenants

Our experience has shown that attracting the sort of tenants we insist on securing for our clients means we need to understand their desires and requirements. So our open inspections are at times which are likely to suit professionals, ensuring the property is easily accessible for them to view. We also allow suitable candidates to make appointments to inspect the property which fit their schedule rather than simply what’s most convenient for our managers. We want to make sure the tenants are entirely happy with the property before they move in.

Better marketing gets better results

We advertise properties on the better websites rather than using false economy to select cheaper channels which tend to attract the wrong sorts of candidates. We take pride in the photos we use to show a property in the best possible way. In fact we always use a professional photographer with many years of experience to ensure a home is displayed in the best possible way. We also know the importance of including a floorplan for every property we advertise. If the owner doesn’t have a floorplan, we’ll get one made.

We ask tenants when they plan to move

Perhaps it sounds all too simple, but so many managers get this wrong. We’ll ask our tenants whether they intend to move well before the expiry of their tenancy agreements. That way we can be better organised to change tenants promptly.